Thursday, March 18, 2010

Why should I vote Democrat?

If Democratic candidates are so interested in attracting 'moderate' and independent voters that they act like Republicans, why shouldn't I just support the genuine article and vote for the Republican instead?

Friday, February 26, 2010

Fix the Senate

Don't kill the filibuster: fix it. Right now a Senator only needs to threaten to filibuster a bill and the Senate will move on to another matter. Right now 41 Senators can vote no to invoke cloture on a bill -- thereby allowing further debate on that bill -- and then NOT debate the bill they just voted to have more debate on. The problem is not the filibuster, the problem is concurrent consideration and debate of multiple bills. That is, the rules the Senate adopted allow the Senate to move on to other business if one or forty-one Senators decide to throw up procedural roadblocks to having a vote on a bill. And they can do so without paying a penalty.

The fix is simple. Get rid of concurrent consideration and debate. Make the Senate consider and debate only ONE bill at a time. If one or forty-one Senators feels so strongly about an issue that they want to talk it death, then make them talk it to death. But let's not anymore allow some overpaid, vote selling hairdo to merely threaten to have a temper tantrum and get away with it. Make the petulant bastards have a temper tantrum live on C-SPAN.

And while we're at it... In early February of 2010, news reports surfaced revealing Senator Dick Shelby (an appropriate given name for the fine Senator. He is a credit to his State) of Alabama placed a hold on consideration of at least 70 nominations President Obama sent to the Senate for confirmation.

Again there's a simple fix. First, reduce the number of concurrent holds a Senator can place on consideration of nominations to one. That's right ONE. You get one hold at a time bitches. And let's do away with anonymous holds. If a Senator feels so strongly that someone is unqualified to hold a position a President has nominated them to, make that Senator do so in the light of day and defend their actions. "Because I'm a mysterious extorting bigot cockroach who can hide behind the light of day using Senate rules" simply doesn't cut it any more.

Finally -- mandatory retirement for all Senators at the age of 65. People who don't use email or the web -- let alone understand either of those things -- ought not to be making decisions or laws about them or any other 'modern' -- dare I say 'newfangled' -- technology. Some of these Senators aren't serving in the Senate any more, they're fossilizing. And their taking the whole goddamned Senate with them. And the country too.

I hate firefox quick find.

Firefox Quick Find. It Fucking Sucks. "Because apostrophes are so rarely used."

Thumbs up to the douchebags at Mozilla. Fucking idiots.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Doesn't it just snow anymore?

I mean, really? So far this winter the only sources of measurable snow here in Philadelphia have come from two major snowstorms. How long has winter been like this? Doesn't it just plain snow anymore?

Enough with the victory lap already.

Okay Obama, way to go for laying the smackdown on the Republicans; finally. But settle down there champ. You've been pretty much a gigantic spineless pile of bipartisanship-fetishizing slush for a little over a year before you decided to grow a set. The length of time a victory lap is appropriate is directly proportional to the effort exerted multiplied by the length of time you've been fighting multiplied by the intransigence of your opponent divided by the product of the end result of your efforts multiplied by your wits.

You've been nebulous, vague, and weak for a year, you've been strong and clear for about a week now. The Republicans have been a solid bloc of obstructionism, delay, blatant falsehoods, revisionist history, bigotry, entitlement, and boorish manners - and they pretty much signaled this from the start of your administration. So in that department, you've been up against some solidly nasty opponents and they've played you and your party (yes, it's your political party now -- you're the President of the United State and therefore the leader of your party, so what happens to the Democratic party's fortunes are YOUR responsibility, buster.) with some seriously mean, devious, and duplicitous tactics. But they told you in advance they were going to, so, you're not getting too many points for wits. As for results, enough with claiming the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009, it passed two hundred fifty to one hundred seventy-seven (250 - 177) in the House and sixty-one to thirty-six to thirty-six (61 - 36) in the Senate. It was a sure thing, so don't go getting all puffed up. It wasn't you that made the bill a success.

So by and large, your victory lap is over. Get back to work. You've got plenty left to do.

And one other thing, you stood in front of the Democrats, spouting off about what you want to accomplish and then told them "Now make me do it." Way to quote FDR. But why are we supposed to believe you're going to "change the way Washington works" if you're quoting seventy-plus year old words?

I call bullshit.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Where the hell is her birth certificate?

I saw a clip of Orly Taitz's appearance on MSNBC. And I have a question: is she even an American citizen? I mean, she doesn't sound like she was born here, so where was she born? And if she wasn't born here, then by her own arguments, she wasn't born a citizen. So, if she is a citizen, I would very much like to see proof that she's actually a naturalized American citizen. And she'd better be able to prove that her certificate of US naturlization and all other supporting documentation are not forged.
That is, after all, the standard which she herself has seen fit to set for President Obama.
Bigoted cunt.